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Subject is a mistranslation of, "Now this machine is under repairs."  If you know the Japanese, it's pretty hilarious that they translated "Now" as "I'm Home."

So last time I mentioned I hosted an event at my school.  Let me go in to more detail and introduce to you the city of Kurashiki.


Kurashiki sits upriver from the Seto inland sea.  The sea is protected by islands and the land is peaceful so you'd expect a bustling port along the coast.  However this flat land west of Okayama city was never ideal.  Tides came up the coastal plain, making the land salty and unfit for crops.  It wasn't until a sea wall was eventually built that thought was put in to what the land could be used for.  Finally, the area was turned in to cotton fields, as cotton can handle a harsher soil than rice can.  A cotton mill was established and storehouses were built around it.  Kurashiki means "Storehouse village" and became a place for commerce where goods, mostly cotton and rice, could be stored.

Why do I know all this?

Well I was asked to take a group of students to Kurashiki and teach them how to speak English outside of the classroom in a realistic situation.  The downside was that I wasn't allowed to spend any money.  I was a bit nervous so I decided to do some research and take a trip down there myself.

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