August 5th, 2019


"A delicious coffee been to you"

Hello Everyone!

(Subject is a slogan at a cafe)

I haven't written in a while but I keep thinking of things to talk about to you.

One of these things is the Global Artist Movement art gallery that I participate in every year.

My piece for the event this year is called, "Tomoe" based on an ancient Japanese symbol that holds a special, spiritual place in my heart.  This symbol can also be found on the wings of the Tomoe moth, which is called Spirama in its scientific name.  But for the gallery I named the piece it, "Rinpun" instead which means, "scales of a moth's wing."  Why?  Because people kept thinking my painting was just a pixelated photograph, or a painting based on a computerized image, or that I'd painted over some blown-up pixels.  No, it's supposed to be each and every scale of the Tomoe symbol on the wing of the moth.  I thought if it was called, "Rinpun" then there would be less of a chance of people mis-interpreting it.

I carried my painting to the gallery by hand, stopping first to stay a night at a friend's house so I wouldn't have to make the whole journey in one day.  (The gallery is in Toyota, and I live in Tamano, if you have a map on hand, it is pretty damn far!)

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