June 13th, 2020


"Slow Bread"

Hello all.

(The subject is from the package of bread I bought.)

The warring states period of Japan lasted for 150 years.  When I was younger, in college, knowing only my small groups of people, this was but a fact in a book with no emotion behind it at all.  But now that I'm older and I've seen the ugly side of the world, it's unthinkable for me to imagine living at that time, in constant fear that your neighbor might go to war with you the next day.  Even in today's world of relative peace, there are black patches in society where one violent act has spread to cause deterioration and corruption, where instability in one area causes instability in another, where discrimination is fostered to be used for political gains.  At least, I think to myself, in my quiet neighborhood, I never have to worry about anyone killing me, even by accident or by "accident."

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