July 1st, 2020


Dake-san (English version!)

This is a long bit of prose about my hiking trip.

They say Mount Dake is in the shape of Buddha, reclining on his side.  His head lays toward the East and the sun rises behind his crown.  Some people who are particularly devout, start the day by facing the mountain and clapping twice toward this figure in prayer and gratitude.

When I set out to climb the mountain, I wasn't quite sure where I was going.  I downloaded a map of the area's topography and hiking trails, but I hadn't taken in to account that roads and homes had been built since then.  Seeing the mountain up close, it was just another hill among the others, and I wasn't sure if I was really going the right way.  Suddenly I saw a statue of Kannon, the Bodhisattva of mercy, standing tall at the intersection of two country roads.  As I made my way toward her, I found a sign pointing up the hill saying that the hiking trail was near.  After a long morning of walking and searching, I'd found it!

All the way up the hill, my eyes fell across the flowering gardens of quaint farm houses and butterflies scattered in front of me.  Soon, large branches of trees began to close in over my head, cutting the heat from the air and letting just the wind blow in.  Cool and refreshed, I was in good spirits when I arrived at the hiking trail.  I don't know if this joyful energy was because of the beautiful countryside, or if it was just my own excitement at being able to navigate to an unknown place on my own two feet.

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