July 17th, 2020


Magatama and the Eclipse

I'm having tea with a friend outside of a Magatama shop.  We walked here from a cafe that had indoor seating, but I'd rather be out in the rain where I feel safer from catching diseases.  Behind us, a glass display shows various stones worth more than my month's salary.

Magatama is similar to Yin-Yang.  They are stones in the shape of a tadpole, with a hole through the center of the "head" and the "tail" curving inward.  Kind of like one half of a yin-yang symbol.  When my friends held the tea party for me, the fortune-teller who read my palm wore two Magatama, one as a necklace and one as a bracelet.  He said they were his power stones.

I didn't really care at the time.

So suddenly these very lovely looking young ladies enter the courtyard.  It's been decorated with a hundred colorful umbrellas both as an art installation, and so no one gets rained on.  As they move together in a group, a filming crew follows them.  They get their pictures taken and make some kind of an announcement.  My friend and I watch idly, but we're engaged in other conversation.  My friend went to a Magatama workshop where she made a necklace and she's busy telling me about how she doesn't like it and never wears it, but her husband wants her to wear it because he paid for the workshop.

She stops talking.  Something's going on behind us.  The filming crew has approached!  Without any introduction or anything, a microphone is put in my face.

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