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06 November 2016 @ 07:33 am
Super Potato Total Car Produce  
The other day, my Mom asked me who my carpenter friends were, so I thought I'd explain.

I have a friend who I call my "Japanese Mommy" because she's the kind of person who can see right through to your heart. We wanted to do something together but she has weak eyes and sore knees. All my usual ideas were out - No hiking, no movies, nothing too far from home, nothing strenuous. Finally we decided to go to the Museum of Carpentry.

There was almost no one there. Once in a while some tour group would come in, and they'd fly through, and leave quickly. But me and my friend Hiroko were actually stopping to look at EVERYTHING. We read all the descriptions, we talked to each other about the techniques, we wanted to stop to watch the educational videos. And we noticed there was one other group doing the same thing - a pair of women about my age. In Kobe the "Fashion City" it's not often you come across young women perusing a museum of carpentry. So we started up a conversation. It turns out both of them went to school to together. One is an architect and the other a carpenter. The carpenter quit her job eventually, to become a massage therapist. After looking through the museum, we decided to go have tea together. Since then we've been meeting up every 3 months and go somewhere unusual together.

Recently instead of going anywhere unusual, I invited all my friends to my house and set up the spare room as a gallery. My own mini art museum! Good times. One of my lady friends gave me roses. Another gave me fruit. Another sewed me a handkerchief.

Here are some recent photos of the fruits of life:

The next question my mom asked me is what I do all day at work. I'll save that one for my next post.

Why don't you write me something? Here's a question - How has what's important changed for you over the last 10 years?