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Hello all.

The subject was written on a little girl's shirt.  Profound.

So I have some news for everyone.  Let's go with the fun stuff first.

Yossi and I went house hunting.  The last time we were house hunting was when we'd just gotten engaged.  He'd told me he didn't care at all what kind of place, so I could make up the conditions for the realtor.  After finding a couple places I liked, Yossi became concerned that none of them were close enough to the station, or near any restaurants.  It turns out I care about the inside, and he cares about the outside.  We ended up having to compromise.

This time, we both went in with our conditions. Yossi's were - it needs a parking space, and to be near a station.  Mine was - It needs large windows that let in the sun, a balcony big enough to put chairs out, and next to a mountain.

The realtor gave me an odd look, went to go through his files of apartments, then came back a bit hesitantly and did that Japanese beating-around-the-bush way of bringing up his burning question.  "So uh... you said... next to a mountain..?  And that would be because.. well..."

"I like hiking!" I said.

Apparently no one had ever put that down as a condition before.  With that in mind, he found us the Japanese equivalent of a town house.  (They're like four family-sized apartments in one house-like structure).  This place is perfect!  It has everything!  It has large south-facing windows, a balcony, it's next to a mountain, it's five minutes from a train station, and out the north windows you get a view of rice fields.  Out the bedroom window you can watch the sun rise.  We did a little exploring of the area and found that there's a shrine nearby.  I can't believe my luck with this place!  It even comes with an air conditioner!  The realtor guy was like, "Sorry it only comes with one.."  And I'm like, "At the moment I've got 0, and it's been 38 degrees for five days in a row!"

And then Yossi looks at me and says, "This place has nothing."



So there's no restaurants, no grocery store, no post office, nothing at all is in walking distance.  The local train only comes once an hour.  "There's nothing here," Yossi said.

"What do you mean nothing?"  I said, thinking of the mountain, the rice fields, the sunrises, the shrine, the windows, the AC.. "This place has everything!"

To each his own. . . 

Anyway, we put in our deposit and we can move in the middle of September.

A few days later, it was Yossi's birthday.

He was on a business trip and I sang to him on his voice mail.

Just before I got off of work, I got a phone call from my supervisor.

And she said I'm being transferred to Hiroshima.


Have you heard about all the flooding and landslides that happened in Hiroshima on account of the typhoon a little over a month ago?  It was pretty terrible.  The main train lines are down and you can only access the city by Shinkansen.  They won't be able to get things up and running until October.  But my company had a plan to open a new school in September.  They can't ask Hiroshima instructors to be able to commute to the new school by Shinkansen, so they've hired someone new.  It's going to take 2 months to get his paperwork in order to come to Japan, so in the mean time they requested an experienced instructor to help out the new school temporarily.  And that's going to be me!

If you know anything about me, you know I love trying new things.  I get so excited.. What new places will I see?  What new people will I meet?  What new mountains will I climb?

However, the timing for this couldn't be worse...  What to do about the place we just rented in Okayama?

I'm now caught in three directions.

Part of me knows I need to buckle-down and just pack, clean, make all the phone calls, and get my life in order.

On the other hand, I'd love to have the time to meet each and every one of my friends one last time in Kobe.

However what I really want to do is pull 200% of my weight at work and leave on a rolling high.

I'm torn...

And I'm sure Yossi's feeling torn as well.

I made him a cheesecake for his birthday.  It's the first time I've ever made a cake that wasn't from a box.  It turned out nice!  Let's eat cake and forget about all the things we need to get done.



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